Thursday, July 31, 2008

Explora Calafell Festival

One of my photos is selected to be on the first edition of the Explora Calafell Festival in Spain. ("1er festival internacional de fotografia para miembros de Flickr")

"Lac de la Gileppe"

Canon EOS 40d - Focal Length 22mm (EF-S 17-85mm IS USM) -Exposure 0,10 sec - Aperture f/4 - ISO 100

This photo is taken on a cold winternight in the Southeast of Belgium near Liège and the German border.The river Gileppe runs through an artificial lake (Lac de la Gileppe), built in 1867-1878 and enlarged to 1.3 square kilometres in 1968-1971. The original dam (1878) was the oldest of Europe.

The photo will be displayed in the Public exposition room of the Calafell council from September 20th to October 19th 2008. Calafell is a typical Catalan village at the Mediterranean Sea situated between Tarragona and Barcelona. I am gonna try to fly over, a perfect event to visit Barcelona again too of course. Graciñias por organizar este festival y convención!!


Hilde said...

Great job W! Not thinking about a carrier-move yet? ;-)

Wstreet Photography said...

I am not that kinda decision maker, unfortunately but I consider photography a bit as trying to be a chef in the kitchen's fun because it's a hobby, but making that as a daily thing.. I don't know ..although photography will be less "dirty" you know ..thanks for the comment missy !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wouter,
that is a great achievement and you deserve it sooooo much!!! I am really happy that they honour your talent.
Well, I would give you a job as a photographer!!!
Cheers + congratulation,