Wednesday, April 15, 2009


From March till October 2009 the third edition of the Triennial for Contemporary Art by the Sea, called Beaufort03, takes place at the Belgian Seaside.
With this coastal art project, artists from every corner of the globe are making a beeline for the Belgian coast, intent on finding the perfect place to show their work. Some are creating new work, others are choosing to work with an existing piece.

Beaufort03 (5/5)

My favourite installation, is Untitled #143 from Aeneas Wilder (UK) situated at Westende. It reminds me so much of the 2006 edition of the Burning Man Festival (Festival Info on Wikipedia) in the Nevada Desert in which the Belgian Artist, Arne Quinze, displayed his Uchronia Project.

Buscemi, my favourite Belgian dj was there too ..check it out!


Anonymous said...

super mooie foto ! Ik woon daar in de buurt :-) een fotoshoop daar zou de max zijn :-)

Anonymous said...

Anders eens met mij ? ik heb maar één foto gehad omdat het toen ijskoud was en héél veel wind :-)En ik wil ook terug !

Wstreet Photography said...

moete we deze zomer beslist eens doen, deal!!